Thursday, August 30, 2007

Learning 2.0

It has been my experience that this has really been a team effort. My co-workers have been wonderful and supportive. Many of the tasks required some serching around, the how to may not have been as apparent to those of us who are not as techie. I enjoyed the kearning experience. I found may useful items. I am especially greatful for the fact that I have been exposed to these tools and will be better able to communicate with my customers if they begin talking about them. Thank you.


I would enjoy being able to download books from overdrive. Our system has been a member of this consortium for over a year and I look forward to the opportunity. Some items are available through overdrive first.


I had some trouble linking together with the actual video part of this. I also discovered as with anything we do on the web, we must be ware of some of the video content which we would not want to bring up even by accident in the library.

We Were Kings - Tribute To The Katrina Dolphins

This is a touching video created by a thirteen year old girl who saw the impact of the Huricane on the locale sea life.

Upcoming events

I tried Yahoo's upcoming events, though it had first palce on the short list, I was not able to locate the wine festival or other events in Carroll County nor at the Farm Museum

Zoho Writer

This is a test. It is only a test. In the event of an emergency you will be directed where to tune for emergency information. I can remember when man walked on the moon. It happened when I was just a child. We watched the rports on a black and white TV screen. It was not high def, no flat screen, no surround sound. It is really amazing that technology has come so far so fast.


I found it easy to figure out how to add my blog to this site.